"Limits of my language are the limits of my world"
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Austrian-British philosopheR

Delhi Foreign Language Institute.

Speaking more than one language, for some, is a gift they received from birth. For others, it is the result of hard work and dedication. In either case, anyone who speaks more than one language will understand the value, the empowerment, and the pleasure of being able to communicate in more than one tongue.

We Understand the Value of Learning Languages

Our Institute is run by a team of multilingual language enthusiast’s all of whom have taken many language courses themselves with an innate passion for language learning the team is dedicated to helping anyone who wants to begin , to develop  or to fulfill their language learning journey. 
In an increasingly globalised world people need a second, third or even fourth language to work, for mixed nationality relationships and for moving abroad .
Our language learning expert’s will answer any questions you have about your language learning journey 

Who We Are

With several years of experience in language teaching, having trained a lots of people to date with a goal of providing a high level of quality communicative language teaching at a affordable and accessible price, today we offer more than 30 languages and we recognize individual needs and learning goals, all learners are different, which means that everyone has different learning experiences, different learning styles and different learning goals this is at the forefront of our approach and it is a factor we regularly address to ensure all our students are satisfied at the end of their course.
We seek to ensure that your language learning experience is a positive one, from the moment you find our website to the end of your last level with us .


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