Popular Courses


Get to grips with the Japanese alphabet(hiragana and katakana )and kanji characters 
Our group classes are an average size of 5 and take place daily or on weekends.
Teachers speak Japanese and get you using the language from the very start of course through role play, games, and problem-solving activities.


We have an intense student-centric program designed to immediately improve Korean language ability. The curriculum maximizes learner’s progress offering a range of specialized programs to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and goals


Learning Chinese is to indulge in a new culture and experience it closely, it gives us more job opportunities as China is the 2nd largest economy in the world, being proficient in Chinese open’s many doors for you across the world.
Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the latest and the most effective teaching methods, we focus on all the 4 skills required for learning a language which is listening, reading, writing and speaking.
During the course, we keep a close check on all the learners in order to map their progress.


From beginner through to advanced and casual learner through to the business, focused we have Spanish courses to suit your language level. and learning objectives. We are great at giving a backstory to the language. Whether you are relocating to a Spanish speaking country or working with Spanish clients or need to communicate more fluently with a partner our courses focus on your need’s and interests.


We Offer a range of French classes to suit any language level and every learning objective. We have access to unparalleled resources and receive inputs from world-class academic team Teachers don’t use generic mass market course books. They use their experience and knowledge to create courses which specifically address the needs and level of their class.


Whether you are new to German or looking to fine tune what you already know, we have a German course to suit your needs. Take a small group course on evenings or Saturdays or enjoy the flexibility and personal attention of one to one courses. Our teachers are highly experienced, qualified native level speakers who give engaging, dynamic lessons We also work on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, enabling you to use German independently in a wide range of situations.

Other Courses...

Other than listed popular language courses, we also provide training in Arabic, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Dutch, portugires and many more.
We are equally specialized in Hindi, Sanskrit, and English as well 
In case you wish to learn any other language other than listed above, we are good to arrange faculties on demand 


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